A VELOX researcher wins the OpenSPARC Community Innovation Award


Andrey Brito, one researcher of the VELOX project, wins the OpenSPARC Community Innovation Award in the category "Best adaptation of a Single Thread application to Multi-Thread CMT (Chip Multi-Threaded) environment". This award is a Sun Microsystems recognition to foster innovation on a global level and recognize the most interesting initiatives within open source communities worldwide.

Andrey Brito received his diploma in Electrical Engineering in 2002 from the Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil. In 2004 he received his diploma in Computer Science and his Master Degree in Informatics from the Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil. Since 2006 he is a PhD student at the Systems Engineering Group at the Dresden University of Technology, Germany, founded by a DAAD scholarship. His PhD topic is the engineering of event stream processing systems.

In event stream applications, events flow through a network of components that perform various types of operations. If the operation depends only on the current input (i.e., it is stateless), parallelization can be achieved by simple replication. However, if it also depends on the component's current state, synchronizing the access of the different instances to the shared state is often either inefficient or non-trivial. In this work we use speculation to harness the power of multi-cores to parallelize stateful components. By optimistically processing events in parallel and, potentially, out of order, we reduce processing latency and increase throughput.

More information: http://contrib.sunsource.net/ciac2008/brito.pdf